What is a BJD?

BJD (eng. ball-jointed doll) — jointed dolls made of polyurethane.
For the first time these dolls in the form in which we have them now, was started in 1999 by Japanese company Volks. Initially, the style of BJD was close to the style of the anime, but in recent years increasing trend towards the production of more realistic dolls. Now regarding mass production of ball-jointed doll there are several dozen companies, mostly located in Korea, China and Japan, some manufacturers are in the United States, Australia, Western Europe and Russia.

Features BJD dolls:
1. Made of polyurethane resin. This is a non-elastic solid plastic material, whose surface texture reminiscent of porcelain or the egg.
2. Their mobility is provided by hinge joints. (Dolls can take almost any human posture, owing to the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, knees, ankles, and sometimes toes the joints.)
3. All parts of the body of the doll stand together due to the rubber cords hidden inside, and giving a desired tension when the doll give any pose.
4. The head of a doll ("Yorick") consists of two parts, and has interchangeable eyes that attach with a special clay.
5. The dolls you can change the wig.
6. They can be dressed and shod.
7. Expected customization (changes to the individual beauty and sculptural elements of the doll). Assemble the doll yourself: buy the body, head, hands and feet, to pick up wig and eyes, choose makeup, and only then — clothes, shoes and accessories. Part of dolls of the same formats, and some of skintones produced by different firms are suitable to each other, which provides even more space for creativity.
There are five main sizes BJD: Tiny, YoSD, MSD, SD doll line "70+". There are models and non-standard growth, 80 cm, 90 cm, 105 cm.
1. Tiny - 9-19cm, remind YoSD, but smaller.
2. 1/6, YoSD (Yo Super Dollfie) - 20-39 cm, look like the kids 2-3 years.
3. 1/4 or MSD (Mini Super Dollfie) - 40-49 cm, look like children 6-10 years.
4. 1/3, or, in the terminology of the Volks SD (Super Dollfie) - 50-69 cm, look like teenagers. Sometimes after the letters SD followed by a number 9, 10, 13, 16 or 17. It more accurately points to the doll (SD9 - 54-55 cm, a SD17 - 65-67), and, in addition, SD17 dolls look older than the SD9.
5. 70+ dolls growth 70cm and above, as a rule, look like adults, but there are exceptions.
Often a separate group includes BJD-animals.
However, this division is rather conditional, since dolls from different manufacturers often differ each other not only in height but also proportions.


When ordering a BJD, you can choose the complete set, which is subdivided into a nude or basic fullset Limited Edition (LE).
Nude or Basic — the Basic doll. It is gathered on elastic harness ("gum") doll without a wig, makeup (make up), eyes (although some firms complement their dolls randomly selected eyes), lashes, clothes, shoes and accessories. Makeup etc can also be arranged at an extra cost.
Fullset — complete set. The kit sold like a doll with makeup, wig, eyes, clothing and sometimes shoes. As a rule, the promo photo shows what the doll Fullset.
Limited Edition — limited edition. Doll, a limited edition. The set includes a doll with makeup, wig, clothes, shoes and sometimes optional accessories. Some companies can for a fee order together with a limited-edition doll is another version of the head or only the face: "sleeping beauty" — through half-closed or closed eyes, or "fantasy" - the demonic vampire.
The price of the doll is very vary depending on size and configuration. So, Fullset can cost 2 times more expensive than a Nude or Basic version.